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S3 The high specialisation of the S3 series ensures machining and results beyond expectations: panels are finely calibrated, while sanding makes surfaces feel perfectly clean to touch. The wide range of versions and accessories and the unlimited customization possibilities make S3 machines suitable for the working process they are in charge of within both simple and complex lines, with special attention to finished products.

Technical Data

Useful working width 1100 - 1350- 1600 mm
Sanding belt dimension 2620x1130-2620x1380-2620x1630 mm
Speed of advance 3-16 m/min
Infeed motor 2,2 kW - 3 kW
Working height TM H900 / TF H 900-700 mm
Working height TM 3-200 mm/TF 3-160 mm
Belt motors 11 kW-37 kW



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Biesse
  • Sub Sub Category: Calibrating & Sanding

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