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Skipper V31


Skipper V31 Skipper V31 is the new compact and versatile Biesse drilling machine, combining flexibility and performance in a small space. The most compact of the series ... without sacrificing flexibility.

Technical Data

Skipper V31
Machine dimensions 2400x1850x2600 mm
Number of vertical spindles 10 (5+5)
Number of horizontal spindles in X 2+2
Number of horizontal spindles in Y 1+1
Min. panel dimensions X 200, Y 70, Z 10 mm
Max. panel dimensions X 2500 (3200 opt) Y 900, Z 70
Axis speed X 25- Y 50 - Z 25 m/min



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Biesse
  • Sub Sub Category: Drilling

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