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Used for cutting processes of aluminium and plastic profiles

  • Hydro-pneumatic move, full-automatic running system
  • Secure protective saw shield
  • The feature of automatic movament and cutting of the heands to outwards at 90°-45° and inwards and  45° -90° and all various angles in between.
  • With servo motor, fast and secure movement feature
  • With PLC, serial proess and delicate measurement
  • Process programming and large memory feature
  • Feature of cutting the long profiles with the help of the conveyor on it.
  • Profile slicing feature
  • The feature of cutting profiles above 3400mm. to 8000mm. length with the help of the conveyor on it.

Technical Data

  • Ø 525 mm. saw blade (2 pieces)
  • Conveyor
  • Service keys
  • Cooling system


  • Category: Aluminum Division
  • Sub Category: Ozcelik
  • Sub Sub Category: Cutting Group

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