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Utilized to carry out the cutting and drilling (notching) operations for meeting rail of aluminum and PVC profiles.

  • Ability to perform the cutting and notching operations altogether.
  • CNC-based control system.
  • Feeding of 7 pieces of profiles with max. length of 6 m.
  • Ability to perform cutting at all angles between +30° / -30° with a precision of 0,1 thanks to the servo motor.
  • Possibility to treat the waste parts greater than 800 mm. for new production.
  • 10,2" touch screen.
  • 32 bit kisc processar wim.CE base
  • Trouble shooting and ready problem resolution thanks to remote access to the automation system.
  • Remote network connection, Possibility of data transfer over Ethernet and USB.


  • Category: Aluminum Division
  • Sub Category: Ozcelik
  • Sub Sub Category: Aluminum And PVC Profile Cutting And Processing Centers

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