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Used for cleaning the burr which is created after welding at 90 degrees of PVC window sash, door, and frame etc.


  • Automatic processing system with the robot system which carries the profile to the processing point automatically and with the automatic window frame turning system which provides cleaning of the four corners
  • Cleans the lower and upper surfaces with two seperate cleaning units that work independently
  • Has CNC control system base
  • With 2 axis (with 2 servo)
  •  Has the opportunity of the Operator coming closer to the machine during adjustment with Hand Remote Control System (Hand wheel) which allows easy programming
  • The capacity of 400 pieces of profile memory
  • Standard saw profile scraping, inner scraping blades and fraises
  • With the help of barcode system, the profile to be cleaned is selected automatically during the welding.
  • Portable, touch-screen control panel
  • With the special program that’s made to Ozcelik, the profile cleaning program can be written easily and quickly
  • The feature of Hand-adjustment of cutting and axial speeds by the Operator
  • The feature of welding without burr (SIRIUS-SN)



  • Category: Aluminum Division
  • Sub Category: Ozcelik
  • Sub Sub Category: PVC Welding And Cleaning Centers

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