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SA 880 D³ is 3D wheel alignment technology.
Targets are installed on the wheels and
are detected by the sensors fastened directly in the workstation (lift or pit). The sensors are equipped with 2 cameras that compensate any
level difference in the workstation (this is particularly useful when lifts are used). SA 830 D³
is the only stereoscopic wheel aligner; in fact, it uses 8 cameras, 2 for each wheel. All this
translates into a quick and simple system that allows for a complete control of the vehicle in just a few minutes. 

Technical Data

Ability to measure Accuracy Field measurement
Full alignment ±3' ±2º
Partial alignment ±2' ±2º
Camber angle ±2' ±3º
Wheel misalignment ±' ±º
Drive axis angle ±2' ±2º
Caster ±4' ±18º
Camber ±4' ±18º
Steering angle difference ±4' ±20º
Steering angle (front axle) ±' ±º
Steering angle (rear axle) ±' ±º
Alignment correction range ±4' ±7º
Additional measurements
Rear axle offset ±3' ±2º
Wheel offset (rear axle) ±' ±º
Track width difference ±' ±º
Lateral offset left / right ±' ±º
Wheelbase difference ±' ±º



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