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Standard Modular DesignThe standard modular design is the standard in heatless regeneartive adsorption dryers.  The dryer includes adsorption cartridges, pre-and afterfiltesr as wellas an electronically controlled zero-loss condensate drain. 

  • New purification package is for dew points higher than –40°C.
  • Built for volume flows of up to 145,83 m3/min and higher 
  • Intelligent load-dependent control saves energy costs
  • Gardner Denver classic – the Standard for pressure dew points of –20°C, –40°C or –70°C.


OILFREEPACThe solution for the highest and purest level of oil-free compressed air, 100 000 times purer than the air we breathe.

  • Models for volume flows up to 145,83 m3/min
  • Low operating costs
  • Complete with pre- and afterfilters as well as police filter, heatless adsorption dryers and activated carbon bed.


Heat Regenative Adsorption DryerThe heat regenerative adsorption dryer is the optimal choice for higher volume flows.

  • No loss of compressed air.
  • Ambient air is used for regeneration of the adsorption vessel
  • Latest control technology guarantees cost-optimized
  • Secure purification at constant pressure dew points


  • Category: Air Compressors
  • Sub Category: Bottarini
  • Sub Sub Category: Air Treatment

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