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Rover B G Biesse broadens the range of its products with the new Rover B G machine, which combines the top-performing skills of the mobile working table with the precision and stability guaranteed by the new Gantry structure. Various configurations are available to meet customers needs, precision on machining repeated in time, innovative structure designed to enlarge the operational capabilities. This is the Rover B G, the high-performing machining centre configurable for high finishing quality and reliability guaranteed in all conditions.

Technical Data

Panel Feed 200 mm / 7.9 inch
Z axis stroke 383-470 mm /15-18.5 inch
X / Y / Z axis speed 85/85/30 m/min - 278.8/278.8/98.4 feet/min
Width 5505 mm / 216.7 inch
Height 2000 mm / 78.7 inch
Rover B 1632 G
Length 7378 mm / 290.5 inch
Rover B 1645 G
Length 8711 mm / 343 inch
Rover B 1660 G
Length 10254 mm / 403.7 inch



  • Category: Wood Division
  • Sub Category: Biesse
  • Sub Sub Category: Drilling - Milling Solid Wood

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